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Facebook launches its TV application to compete with YouTube

Update 01/03/2017: The Facebook Video application is available on Apple TV . Go to the App Store, where she is on the front page, to install it.

Update 02/02/2017: Facebook took advantage of an intervention by its vice president of partnerships at the  Code Media 2017 conference to formalize the coming arrival of a TV application. It will be launched “soon” on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and connected Samsung televisions, then on other platforms, hopefully on Android TV, in a second.

At the presentation last night of the financial results, Mark Zuckerberg announced thatFacebook is considering in essence to compete with YouTube, Netflix and others .Zuckerberg actually wants people to think about Facebook when they want to watch videos. He joined Spotify , which has been broadcasting television programs for a year, and produces exclusive programs . At this stage, he only talked about episodic content, designed to loyalize Internet users.

But according to the Wall Street Journal , which had revealed information the day before, Facebook would already be in discussions with producers and distributors to acquire television series-type programs, as well as long programs produced specifically for the service.

Facebook would arrive on Apple TV and Android TV

According to several sources “close to the file”, he would also launch an application for televisions used to broadcast these so-called “premium” long-format programs. This application dedicated to multimedia players ( Android TV boxes  , Apple TV …) would not allow to consult the photos and the other shares of the news wire, unlike that proposed on Roku, it would serve exclusively to these new videos.

On the other hand, Facebook has already started to improve the visibility of videos of more than 90 seconds in the news feed. These contents will not be reserved for TVs.

From mid-roll to resume strong growth

After becoming ”  mobile-first” , Facebook would now aim to become “video-first” . Some of its employees even evoke a future platform of “mobile TV” .

This is for the company to return to strong growth. Facebook has effectively warned in November that it is reaching a plateau, due to lack of room for more advertising in the newswire.

In this context, video advertising is a good vehicle for growth. However, the social network continues to forgo pre-roll , these advertisements broadcast before a video, to favor the mid-roll . Spectators would see 15 seconds of publicity after at least 20 seconds of video, and up to two 30-second breaks for the longest programs.

Facebook prevents suicides with artificial intelligence

Facebook extends its suicide prevention tools with the integration of artificial intelligence, so the network can find potentially suicidal people who are live.

Facebook wants to protect its users

Tools of this kind appeared on Facebook a few years ago. The social network allows users to report content. Facebook takes to heart this subject, the social network having already dealt with suicides live with Facebook Live.

In order to improve its responsiveness and detect the risky behavior of its users, the company of Mark Zuckerberg tries in the United States an artificial intelligence capable of identifying the sensitive messages on the publications and in the comments. It is the AI ​​that triggers the alert. Facebook then transmits the information to its team dedicated to this type of situation for a quick review. Finally, if it is deemed necessary, the company contacts the persons concerned and advises them to call a help number or friends from their contact list.

This new feature also applies to Facebook Live. When someone shares a live that you think is alarming, you can report it with the “worry” option. Facebook will then directly offer help to the broadcaster in question.

Google Assistant arrives on other smartphones

Initially reserved for home products – Google Home and then Google Pixel smartphones – the new Google Assistant voice assistant recently opened to a first third-party device, Android TV Nvidia Shield TV .

Google had officialized that Google Now’s successor would be available on other devices based on Android TV 6.0 or later.

But Google Assistant will soon be available on other Android 6.0 devices and more , that is to say on smartphones and on tablets too. Upstream of the Google I / O 2017 , which will be held from May 17 to 19, Google took advantage of the presentation of the LG G6 , the first novelty to benefit from it, to announce it.

The Google ticket states that the wizard will “ automatically arrive on eligible Android phones running Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Google Play Services” , without knowing for sure whether “eligible phones” are all Android phones 6.0 and up, or if they are only a selection. Google illustrates anyway its ticket with a Samsung Galaxy S7 , a LG V20 and an HTC 10 .

In any case, Google Assistant will only be available in English in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as German in Germany. But Google took advantage of the presentation of the LG G6 to announce that it would soon be available in other languages, without further specification at this stage.

Godotify, the new Facebook application that will make you sink into the hell of the three small dots

Cursed are these suspension points that move with impunity under your nose when one of your contacts is writing to you. A vicious characteristic of Facebook. Just as the network informs you if your interlocutor has read your message , it will indicate to you by three small dots, when the latter is responding to you. This characteristic creates a situation (totally useless and perverse) waiting. One application decided to have fun.

With Godotify , you can make your Facebook contacts tell you that you are writing to them. As soon as they open a conversation with you, the famous points of suspension appear. They disappear only if you uninstall the app. Everyone has grasped how long the joke could become (and heavy) joke? But above all these small points, straight out of the fork of Lucifer, have the power to drive you crazy.

The sign of the unexpected, the infinite and the latent

”  The points of suspension are the sign of the latent,” explains Julien Rault, author of the book Poetic of the point of suspension, essay on the sign of the latent . In a Facebook conversation, they announce something that can appear at any time, but we do not know when or what. This creates an expectation that can become a real concern. The longer it is, the more it excites interpretation and can lead to mental exhaustion. ” So, even if you asked “do you like the cancoillotte  ?” “To your interlocutor (stupid question, everyone worships), the fact that he puts several minutes, hours or days to answer, can become a source of anguish. Will he simply write “no” or will he, in a pavement beyond the understanding,

Irrational fears, the symbolism of small points of which contributes greatly. “They represent the infinite that opens up all possible. They have an unforeseen dimension, “adds the author. The ellipses are much more than just circles. For the psychological well-being of your friends, do not overdo it: they are demonic.

Antivirus iPhone: the 5 best anti virus for your Apple smartphone

If Apple products are reputed not to be easily attackable by malicious software, once jailbroken, they may still encounter unanticipated risks. Gentside gives you 5 security solutions to protect your iPhone. Gentside has selected for you the 5 solutions that will allow you to secure your iPhone jailbroken:

1) Look Out Mobile Security Antivirus (Free)

Look out Mobile Security Antivirus is a complete security solution for the Apple smartphone. As with its Android version, it not only protects your smartphone from viral attacks from the web, but it has an array of very useful options: – In case of loss of the smartphone, Look Out will allow you to geolocate it. You can also make it sound, even if the latter is in silent mode. – Stolen, if someone forces your phone to call another number, the latter will allow its real user to listen to what is happening around the thief. Rather smart. – Finally Look Out Mobile Security Antivirus gives the possibility to perform a complete backup of the information contained inside the mobile (Contacts, Messages, Photos …). An all-in-one product complete and practical in short.

Plus: an antivirus and a security solution in the same product

Cons: some energy-consuming features (such as GPS tracking)

Download Look Out Mobile Security Antivirus 
2) MacAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile (Free)

The mobile version of MacAfee’s antivirus solution is divided into 4 parts: – a news feed telling you what is happening in the world of mobile security and the new threats that appear ( Threat Feed ) – a MacAfee ” made in” podcast on security alerts ( 2 Minutes Warning ) – a direct link to the publisher’s blog to keep abreast of the latest information about the domain ( Insights ) – a “Domain Name Investigator”, who, according to your requests, will tell you whether an IP address or a web domain is suspect or not ( Domain Query ).

Plus: a set of smart and free tools to protect your smartphone from the dangers of the web

The least: does not have an antivirus strictly speaking, but rather a tool (Domain Query) a priori

Download MacAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

3) Norton Mobile Security (free)

Like MacAfee, another great name of computer security is now making its classes on the mobile. With Norton Mobile Security, users can secure their web-based address book and then reinstall it on the smartphone if it has been infected with a virus or malware. In addition, the app offers a tool to find its iPhone if it is lost or stolen, by geolocation, but also to block it remotely via a web interface.

Plus: secure on one side and pro-active solution in case of loss or theft

The less: data backup requires a Norton account , the smartphone tracking option can use the battery

Download Norton Mobile Security

4) Intego VirusBarrier iOS Antivirus (Paying – about 0.81 euro)

One of the big names of the antivirus for Mac embarks for the iPhone. With VirusBarrier, the publisher offers a true antivirus and anti malware solution for the Apple smartphone. It scans all mails on the device, and also scans the attachments and zip files contained in your messages. But more than just spotting and updating its database regularly, VirusBarrier can also repair infected files.

Plus: Regular database update, file repair

The least: it scans only the emails and not the other multimedia files of the iPhone

Download Intego VirusBarrier iOS Antivirus

5) Anti-virus Detective (Paying – about 0.81 euro)

Powered by radius180, Anti-Virus Detective is a complete solution against malware that can infect the iPhone. It offers a link to the freshest information about the security of the mobile web and organizes its interface in a simple way, through a series of questions and answers and actions to take, by application or by site visited. It also puts the user in touch with the latest lists of dangers published by Symantec, MacAfee, Trend and Kaspersky.

Plus: Simple and accessible interface

The Less: proposes an a priori and non-curative solution

Mac: how to format a USB key on mac?

You do not know what format to adopt for your USB key or simply to know how to format your USB key? Look no further, Gentide offers you this guide to learn how to format a usb key. Formatting a hard disk or a USB key involves defining how the data will be organized on the physical medium. But there are several types of formatting with each their specificities. It is therefore advisable to draw up a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each format before starting.

Tutorial: which format to choose a usb key on Mac?

The Fat32 . This format is compatible with a large number of devices: Windows or Mac computer (writing and playback), televisions, multimedia boxes or even Playstation 4. However, files can not exceed 4 GB and the total capacity of the disc can not Exceed 2TB. For obvious reasons of compatibility, this is the most used format. The NTFS . This format, owned by Microsoft , is compatible with some multimedia boxes but rarely with televisions. On a Mac, NTFS format playback is possible but not its writing.

The HFS +. This is the format specific to Mac computers. It does not impose any file size limits, but it is not compatible with the Windows environment.

The format exFat. It does not impose any file size limits and allows writing and playback on Windows and Mac computers. But it is still incompatible with some hard disks and multimedia carriers. To summarize, if you expect to limit your data transfers to computers, the exFat format seems best suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you need to use your usb key on multiple multimedia devices, the Fat32 will be compatible with the largest number of devices.

Tutorial: How to format a usb key on Mac?

It goes without saying, but first insert your USB key into your Mac. Depending on how it is already formatted, it may not appear on your desktop. If so, the easiest way is still to use the search function, and type ”  Disk Utility  .” You can also access it from the Launchpad by clicking ”  More  ” then ”  Disk Utility  ” Then open the Disk Utility to begin formatting . Then select your USB key in the left column, then click on the “Clear ” tab  at the top of the window. In the ” Format  ” drop-down menu  , choose the format of your choice, such as the Fat32 for example. Finally, validate the operation by clicking on Clear on the bottom right. Once the formatting is complete you will be able to use again your USB key and your hard disk!

IPhone 8: Apple could release an iPhone 7s to replace the iPhone 8 in 2017

A new rumor claims that Apple will release an iPhone 7s in 2017. The firm at the apple could decide squarely to abandon the iPhone 8 to offer only an iPhone 7s in 2017.

Although the next Apple smartphone feeds the craziest rumors, it was thought that at least one thing was certain:  the iPhone 8  will be released in 2017. Yet according to the Japanese site MacOtakara , which obtained information from Taiwanese suppliers, Apple would currently work out the release of an iPhone 7s.

IPhone 7s: unpublished color

This iPhone 7s would retain the design of the iPhone 7 but would still benefit from several improvements in its components. The smartphone should thus be equipped with Apple’s A11 chip. Another notable difference, the iPhone 7s should propose a color novel Apple: red.

IPhone 7s: Will it replace the iPhone 8?

The fate of the iPhone 8 is now uncertain. The rumor indeed claims that Apple would ultimately not release it next year and that only the iPhone 7s would be available in 2017. Apple fans could therefore say goodbye to the curved screen OLED and borderless, fast load without Wire and other goods announced other innovations. But the Cupertino firm could also just release both models in 2017 . Because do not forget, the iPhone will blow its tenth candle next year. Apple has every interest in meeting the expectations of its fans by offering a revolutionary iPhone 8.

LG G6: Release date, price, specifications and LG smartphone specifications

To know everything about the LG G6: its price, its characteristics, its data sheet but also its release date.

Release date of the LG G6: The release date of the LG G6 has not yet been released.

It will be necessary to wait until the Mobile World Congress at the end of February 2017 to know more. By comparison, the LG G5 had been marketed in April 2016.

Price  of the LG G6  : The price of the LG G6 should be around the LG G5, about 700 euros .

Technical specifications for the LG G6: Screen: 5.6 inches, resolution of 4096 x 2160

Processor:  Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz

Operating System: Android 7.0 Nougat Storage: 32, 64 or 128 GB, expandable via micro SD

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Autonomy: non removable battery of 4200 mAh

Digital cameras:  24 megapixels on the back, image stabilization, auto laser focus; 7 megapixels frontal

Features:  wireless charging, water resistance, fingerprint sensor, retinal scanner .

IPhone 8: an innovative design with glass and metal design

The 2017 iPhone could innovate by changing design. 

Decidedly, the iPhone 8  inspires designers. After a  concept with screen curved  by @AppleDesigner last week, it is the turn of Concept creator to share his vision of the future smartphone Apple.

Something to make dreaming while awaiting the exit.

IPhone 8: no home button

This iPhone 8 gathers part of the different rumors circulating on the iPhone of 2017. One finds thus the return of the glass, disappeared from the iPhone 4, with a back black glass accompanied by a metal chassis.

The OLED screen covers the entire front part and includes the Touch ID button. An even larger camera is located at the back of the camera. It would offer a better opening and would make photos even brighter.

IPhone 8: wireless charging

Another great novelty expected with the iPhone 8:  the wireless charging . The smartphone could thus recharge by induction on simple laying on a charging base. Also note the appearance of a new button on the edge of the device. The iPhone 8 should be released in September 2017 , for the 10 years of the iPhone.