WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” light Released

WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” is now available for download. The new release is named in honor of Pepper Adams, who played the baritone saxophone and clarinet. Version 4.6 is devoid of any intriguing opportunities – instead, she offers a set of successive improvements.

Management plug-ins and themes become even faster

Based on what has been started in WordPress 4.2, this release makes updating, installing and removing plug-ins, and the even more rapid. Gone are the days when you had to watch the progress bar during the installation of plugins or themes.

Native system fonts

One of the most important changes that have marked users – a switch from Open Sans to the native system fonts. Open Sans used in those days, when the font selection was very limited. Over time, native fonts have improved dramatically on modern devices.

Using the native fonts WordPress not only improves productivity, but also allows for a holistic, consistent style. Developers should pay attention to this nuance, and make the appropriate changes in their decisions.

Automatic detection of URL syntax

WordPress 4.6 will automatically detect links with incorrect syntax. If the link is presented in the wrong format, it will be displayed with red dotted outline. Importantly, the URL checker works only if you insert a reference through a button – Paste URL directly in the text to avoid this test.

Improved recovery mode

By default, WordPress saves post title, content, as well as a quote in the browser every 15 seconds per page, and edit entries before submitting the form. Since the content in the browser is more relevant, WordPress 4.6 will be the first to try to restore it, and only then resort to auto save.

Other notable features:

  • The number of arguments register_meta reduced from 4 to 3. There are also a number of other improvements for register_meta.
  • WordPress 4.6 has standardized registration of meta-keys.
  • Comments are now cached using permanent object cache. Developers whose plugins directly alter the content of comments will have to update their solutions using a variety of API-functions the comments or using clean_comment_cache ().
  • Appeared WP_Post_Type records for each registered type.
  • WordPress 4.6 uses the new W3C specification, which helps browsers to determine which resources to select and pre-treated to improve page performance.
  • Improvements languages and localizations.
  • Functions and register_widget unregister_widget now accept WP_Widget subclass.
  • customizer enhancements with the addition of API for validating and setting values.
  • Improved API and performance for Multisite WordPress.

In the version of WordPress 4.6 contributed 272 Developer. If you encounter any problems or have opened a bug, please post in the WordPress support forums.

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