Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Methods of Search Engine Optimization techniques

Depending on the ratio of search engines should distinguish between “black”, “white” and “gray” of SEO. We invite you to briefly meet with each of them.

“White” site optimization

If you do not affect the search issue, do not try to manipulate the behavior of visitors, and only increases the quality of life, filling it with interesting and useful content, making it easy to navigate, you use the “white” search engine optimization. It is a long path that requires serious approach to business. Perform these schemes alone is very difficult – requires a team of specialists, continuous analysis of the market, improve its services, constant work with visitors. But the result is worth it!

The main methods of “white” optimization of a site:

  • Creating quality content, regular addition to the site useful materials.
  • Competent selection of keywords, text optimization.
  • Convenient site navigation, constant improvement of the resource user-friendliness.
  • Work on internal optimization of website pages.
  • Competent permalink.
  • Ongoing analysis of competitors’ sites, the creation of affiliate programs.
  • And much more.

“White” site optimization makes the site more attractive, not only in the eyes of search engines, but also in the eyes of users. That is why it is recommended to use the “white” promotion methods to promote a commercial site.

A few words about the “gray” and “black” methods of promotion

Because “white” site optimization requires long and painstaking work, some experts have resorted to the “black” of SEO. It is highly effective methods, but they have come under the sanctions of search engines, so using them will lead to a rapid increase in positions, but the fall will be rapid.

The method of “black” a lot of promotion:

  • Cloaking – users and search bots to offer different content;
  • doorways – special pages filled with lots of keywords;
  • invisible to the user the contents: the small print, the text of the same tone with the background;
  • Keywords satiety;
  • bulk buying of links;
  • runs directories, forums.

The maximum proximity to the “black” methods are “gray” promotion. The main difference from previous ones – no precise reaction from the SS. If you use it correctly, it is possible to achieve high positions, but overuse is seen as a cheat, which will lead to a decrease in site positions in search results. Therefore, the “gray» SEO deal is still not recommended.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

To promote your site in the search results you must use two technologies: internal and external optimization. Looping on one of the parties does not give much success.

Internal optimization

Under the internal optimization realize any action to improve their site:

  • improving technical components – hosting engine;
  • optimization of the internal structure – site map;
  • the creation of semantic nucleus;
  • text formatting;
  • analysis of the content on the uniqueness, nausea.

External optimization

The essence of the external optimization lies in increasing the reference weight. A few years ago it was possible to buy links and get a rapid increase in issuance, now achieve the same result difficult. Search engines are actively fighting with “unnatural links”, they are purchased on the stock exchange, obtained automatic and manual runs left in the low-quality directories and social bookmarking. Also important are poor links to resources, the subjects of which are not related to the topic of your site.

Also links to other resources, to the external optimization refers to the promotion of social networks. In addition to the positive effect of this method of search engine optimization you can get additional traffic.

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