AirPods: Testing Apple’s Wireless Headphones

After weeks of waiting and a worldwide announcement in September, Apple’s AirPods, the famous wireless headphones from the American brand are finally available. So, we did not resist the urge to test them and tell you concretely what it is worth.

Let us be frank from the start, we will not bother to be very technical, talking numbers or even detailing the smallest piece of welding the device. No, what we really want to know is how it works?

What’s the point ? Is it practical and especially do I have to buy it? How it works ? The brand with the apple has always boasted of being simple and efficient and there, one is clearly in the subject. Just open the small box that contains the headphones and hop! We’re connected. No need to stick, wait, recognize the device.

Nothing of that. In one breath, one is wireless! Cut the rope And the urban legend that wants headphones falling by itself? False, and arch-false. It holds and holds even more than well. You can run, do sports and even more.

Better finished than the conventional Earpods, they hold better in place. But be careful not to lose them, because they are very discreet (4g each). The small +: Simply remove one of the two earpieces to pause. Just put it back so that the sound resumes, without ever touching its iPhone .

Little -: No live control, except Siri. You have to go through his phone to change songs and / or volume. Battery or not Battery, that is the question? Who says wireless, said battery necessarily. And there, we are both content and not happy. Let’s start by grating. 5 hours of autonomy, it’s little. It is enough to forget to put them in the box, so that we fall into the roads. But rest assured, there is a solution.

The charge is very fast. After dropping to 0% battery, I put them in their box the time of 5 stations of metro. Roughly 10 min. Boum, 100% battery. Then even the heads in the air will be able to find themselves there. The small +: Have a portable charger always with you, happiness.

The small -: Having a portable charger always with you to put them away, it is sometimes also a little bulky. The right price Yes, 179 euros is not given, but compared to the prices displayed for many other wireless headphones, nothing crazy. Above all, the embedded technology ensures great continuity, especially if you are already familiar and equipped Apple .

Conclusion Ah yes, and the sound by the way? We are not on a headphone reducing noise at 500 euros, but clearly above the Apple Earpods classics and that is a real change. For a first it is a first successful, promising. We are already looking forward to see the Apple take more taste and propose to us in September a version 2 with, we are sure, an improvement following the many feedbacks received.

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