Facebook prevents suicides with artificial intelligence

Facebook extends its suicide prevention tools with the integration of artificial intelligence, so the network can find potentially suicidal people who are live.

Facebook wants to protect its users

Tools of this kind appeared on Facebook a few years ago. The social network allows users to report content. Facebook takes to heart this subject, the social network having already dealt with suicides live with Facebook Live.

In order to improve its responsiveness and detect the risky behavior of its users, the company of Mark Zuckerberg tries in the United States an artificial intelligence capable of identifying the sensitive messages on the publications and in the comments. It is the AI ​​that triggers the alert. Facebook then transmits the information to its team dedicated to this type of situation for a quick review. Finally, if it is deemed necessary, the company contacts the persons concerned and advises them to call a help number or friends from their contact list.

This new feature also applies to Facebook Live. When someone shares a live that you think is alarming, you can report it with the “worry” option. Facebook will then directly offer help to the broadcaster in question.

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