Galaxy S8: no front home button for Samsung smartphone

The physical home button of the Galaxy S8 would disappear. Samsung would expect to replace it with a home touch button that would work with 3D Touch.

Samsung ‘s recent statements have suggested that the Galaxy S8 would  mark a break with its predecessors, especially in terms of its design. A new rumor would confirm today the firm’s claims: the Galaxy S8 will not have a physical button on the screen.

Galaxy S8: the physical home button disappears

The information comes from David Ruddock , one of the publishers of the Android Police site. According to him, the home button of the Galaxy S8 will be tactile and will integrate a system 3D Touch. Fully configurable, several contextual actions would be proposed depending on the intensity of the pressure exerted on this new tactile button.

The fate of the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S8 is on the other hand uncertain. Some experts suggest that Samsung could partner with Synaptics to offer a fingerprint sensor on the front. Others feel that the fingerprint reader could simply be moved to the back of the device.

Galaxy S8: a borderless screen?

For many months the rumor has it that the Galaxy S8 will have a curved screen without curved . It goes without saying that removing the physical home button would in any case save a significant amount of space on the front of Samsung’s future smartphone. As a reminder, the Galaxy S8 should be declined in two different versions: a model to 5.2 inches and another to 6 inches.

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