Godotify, the new Facebook application that will make you sink into the hell of the three small dots

Cursed are these suspension points that move with impunity under your nose when one of your contacts is writing to you. A vicious characteristic of Facebook. Just as the network informs you if your interlocutor has read your message , it will indicate to you by three small dots, when the latter is responding to you. This characteristic creates a situation (totally useless and perverse) waiting. One application decided to have fun.

With Godotify , you can make your Facebook contacts tell you that you are writing to them. As soon as they open a conversation with you, the famous points of suspension appear. They disappear only if you uninstall the app. Everyone has grasped how long the joke could become (and heavy) joke? But above all these small points, straight out of the fork of Lucifer, have the power to drive you crazy.

The sign of the unexpected, the infinite and the latent

”  The points of suspension are the sign of the latent,” explains Julien Rault, author of the book Poetic of the point of suspension, essay on the sign of the latent . In a Facebook conversation, they announce something that can appear at any time, but we do not know when or what. This creates an expectation that can become a real concern. The longer it is, the more it excites interpretation and can lead to mental exhaustion. ” So, even if you asked “do you like the cancoillotte  ?” “To your interlocutor (stupid question, everyone worships), the fact that he puts several minutes, hours or days to answer, can become a source of anguish. Will he simply write “no” or will he, in a pavement beyond the understanding,

Irrational fears, the symbolism of small points of which contributes greatly. “They represent the infinite that opens up all possible. They have an unforeseen dimension, “adds the author. The ellipses are much more than just circles. For the psychological well-being of your friends, do not overdo it: they are demonic.

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