How to optimize your apps?

The mobile Apps add fun and functionality to the basic operation of your phone.Today there is an amazing amount of applications for many different purposes, and it seems that the variety is endless.

The business of mobile applications has become safe and profitable. It is becoming more popular and more and more people are interested in using applications to meet their needs. There are numerous stores known applications, such as iTunes or Google Play, for both phones and tablets, and have endless applications. However, there are still those who prefer to search for applications on other websites because these app stores are not easy to use.

Competition increases and normalizes as the number of existing applications grows. Today, each new application is facing competition in its category of applications. For example, if you propose to launch an application list, then you have to face all those applications that offer similar functions. The mobile applications and optimization of search engines (SEO English Search Engine Optimization ) have become two phases of the process of launching an application: optimizing search engines can help in terms of competition with the other applications because your application can gain priority in the search engines.

Now that we know how important the optimization of search engines in the launch of an application, the question is how to optimize your application and get good results, a requirement for any newly released application. So, what should you do with the combination of applications and SEO to compete with other apps?

  • When creating the application, use local variables. So your memory is not filled with useless variables. The functions performed once do not need a variable and you should use if you prefer function back only once.
  • Tables must be well defined. In coding applications, be particularly provides better performance, satisfactory appearance and easier viewing.
  • Use the comments to help the recommendations.
  • Use specific names according to the file functions and try to debug the code to remove unnecessary codes and thus save you headaches.
  • Use plug-ins and DDLs as little as possible because it could cause file corruption when you do work your way.
  • In variables, it is better to use prefixes and CamelCase. With the help of numItemIndex, strFilePath and tblAcceptedKeys easier reading them and see what kind of data they contain.
  • Search engines always follow the same strategy for all purposes. The search engine analyzes the keywords of your website and the result appears on the keywords. The keywords must be relevant and should not be 100 characters.
  • Google Play and iTunes have received a grand prize for having the presence of the keyword in the application. It is a clear example of engine optimization strategy simple but highly effective search. You should use a relevant name as the features and category of your application.
  • Each application should have a unique and isolated icon. The icon makes your application calls the ℅ and search engines consider it part of the whole app.
  • You should add a rich description in keywords on your website and should contain virtually everything your application offers.instructional videos, user ratings and reviews can be added, too, to make the most presentable web. For optimization application, a description of between 4,000 and 7,000 words is considered optimal.
  • Official sites pages and must be included to a greater response from users.
  • Access to download the application should be easy.
  • There should be no mistake in choosing the category of your application. Category defines the functions and uses so inevitably must be relevant.
  • The numbers of downloads and scores have search results in search engines.
  • The ratings depend on the quality of the application, the number of installations and uninstalls your app count for search results. For best results, your application should be free of errors and be easy to handle.
  • Test and evaluate the performance and speed of your application because all users prefer fast applications.
  • The file size of your application should not be too high. Minimizes the file size because whatever the device used is always preferable bit file size.
  • URL provides online support to make your app more accessible.
  • Encourages people to talk about your application, criticize and rate it because it’s the first thing you consider when optimizing search engines.
  • You should submit your application in iTunes and Google Play at least two weeks before the release date.
  • The rules of search engines are indexing applications, display and classified pages of applications.
  • Backlinks in SEO are very important because they are used to increase the popularity of your application and is said to be one of the requirements of search engines.
  • Your application should have an appropriate official website for search engine rankings. Newer applications should be represented in the margins or somewhere on the home page where users can find your application. The increase popularity of your app with its own website.
  • The brand name should appear on each page application download, and the download link must contain the name of your brand. So brand force charged with increasing the popularity of the app.
  • QR codes are very popular today. All download page should contain a QR code so that users can access the application from any device.

We’ve shown you some of the best and most effective SEO strategies and mobile applications that will make your applications more competent in qualifying opportunities. These strategies will help you get what you deserve: user traffic, page content, social networking links and popularity, that is, some of the benefits of search engine optimization. With this strategy, you will get all these benefits and you will increase the popularity of both your application and your brand.

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