International Search Engine Optimization

arch Engine Optimization or SEO is the foundation to be making your website visible online. 88% of Internet users do not go further than the first three results pages of which 62% of clicks occur on the first page. So to secure high ranking is vital to having success online in search engines.

The search engines will for most be the most effective marketing tool, since they reach potential customers who pre-qualifies through search and who are interested in your products and services.

The aim of binbuzz SEO service is to make websites more effective. Service to help customers achieve this goal is divided into two areas:

Language-dependent and language independent. Language independent aspects are generally technical such as:

  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Template structure
  • URL structure
  • Engine Compatibility

Language Related tasks are always performed by consultants with native speakers and inkulderer:

  • Keyword Analysis and selection of keywords
  • Language Based expansion of the number of keywords (accents, case, spacing, common misspellings)
  • Link Analysis – including validation of anchor text
  • Land and språkspesifik link construction
  • Quality check of content
  • Analysis of body text and any. Proposal for remediation
  • Preparation, the of page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords
  • footer links
  • Selecting the domain name.

Analysis tools (if it is not there already) will be installed on your website so that you can access an overview of site traffic.

Our aim of the service is to provide you with the following:

  • Improve your generating business through your website with specific focus on conversion.
  • Generate more visibility and interest in your organization through an increase relevant traffic to your website.
  • Improve your website’s position in search engines for relevant keywords and search phrases used by your potential customers.
  • Give you an insight into what really helps you develop your online strategy.

International SEO

When working with multilingual SEO projects, it is essential that you treat each language as a separate entity. That WE DO NOT translator keyword selection from one language to another.

These are the main components of an optimization project:

Search Engine Compatibility Assessment (SECA)

Our team of SEO technical experts evaluate your site for different aspects related to various technical requirements of search engines. The evaluation ends up in a series of reports which conclude an action plan with a list of possible changes or updates to your website. This plan is used by binbuzz optimization team and your web developers to improve the web site’s compatibility for search engines. This report format is constantly updated based on the changes that occur in relation to search engines’ algorithms.

Keyword / keyword analysis

We are exploring a variety of databases for Web search to establish which words and phrases and search patterns that are related to your products and services so that we can attack your target customers effectively. Keyword analysis is based initially the markets and potential keywords as you point out.

Source code optimization

Based on an overview of your main keyword our team will evaluate existing source code for your website to various search engine requirements for availability.

link Building

binbuzz have different ways to build links to your website. Different scenarios require different solutions. Here are a few different methods we use:

  • Link sourcing – you can nominate a list of sites as candidates for one-way links. The sides will have content that is relevant to your own site and will therefore be valuable links if the editor to the website accept the request.
  • Paid listings – It is also possible to pay directories (directories) for links to your site. These are advantageous because they generally give you the opportunity for deeper linking which allows you to link to any page within your website, not just the homepage. Not to be confused with so-called “paid links”.
  • Online PR – like article distribution and blog reviews and social media.
  • Directory submissions – sites can be registered against various Director or online directories.

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