IPhone 8: an innovative design with glass and metal design

The 2017 iPhone could innovate by changing design. 

Decidedly, the iPhone 8  inspires designers. After a  concept with screen curved  by @AppleDesigner last week, it is the turn of Concept creator to share his vision of the future smartphone Apple.

Something to make dreaming while awaiting the exit.

IPhone 8: no home button

This iPhone 8 gathers part of the different rumors circulating on the iPhone of 2017. One finds thus the return of the glass, disappeared from the iPhone 4, with a back black glass accompanied by a metal chassis.

The OLED screen covers the entire front part and includes the Touch ID button. An even larger camera is located at the back of the camera. It would offer a better opening and would make photos even brighter.

IPhone 8: wireless charging

Another great novelty expected with the iPhone 8:  the wireless charging . The smartphone could thus recharge by induction on simple laying on a charging base. Also note the appearance of a new button on the edge of the device. The iPhone 8 should be released in September 2017 , for the 10 years of the iPhone.

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