IPhone 8: Apple could release an iPhone 7s to replace the iPhone 8 in 2017

A new rumor claims that Apple will release an iPhone 7s in 2017. The firm at the apple could decide squarely to abandon the iPhone 8 to offer only an iPhone 7s in 2017.

Although the next Apple smartphone feeds the craziest rumors, it was thought that at least one thing was certain:  the iPhone 8  will be released in 2017. Yet according to the Japanese site MacOtakara , which obtained information from Taiwanese suppliers, Apple would currently work out the release of an iPhone 7s.

IPhone 7s: unpublished color

This iPhone 7s would retain the design of the iPhone 7 but would still benefit from several improvements in its components. The smartphone should thus be equipped with Apple’s A11 chip. Another notable difference, the iPhone 7s should propose a color novel Apple: red.

IPhone 7s: Will it replace the iPhone 8?

The fate of the iPhone 8 is now uncertain. The rumor indeed claims that Apple would ultimately not release it next year and that only the iPhone 7s would be available in 2017. Apple fans could therefore say goodbye to the curved screen OLED and borderless, fast load without Wire and other goods announced other innovations. But the Cupertino firm could also just release both models in 2017 . Because do not forget, the iPhone will blow its tenth candle next year. Apple has every interest in meeting the expectations of its fans by offering a revolutionary iPhone 8.

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