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introduction Local SEO Guide

If your business in the local, the state, county, city, town or community, and local search engine optimization you should invest.Local SEO has several benefits compared to national or global search engine optimization needs. An important example is the competition, some of the SEO world, we know a lot about. When you are with a national or international brand competition, competition is often high. When your local competition, no competition, which means that fewer companies are trying to rank the same keywords as you. What is SEO work in 2016?
Local SEO does not mean that the road to success is easier, but most importantly, it will. One point to note, if you’re in a big city like New York or Los Angeles, you may find that you have as much competition. The results of your search engine optimization strategy will depend on under a wide range of circumstances, we will in the future. But now, I’m going to teach you what you need to know at our local SEO Guide.

Unless you want to hire a local SEO services, it will be your plan, put your plan into a local SEO responsibility to act. Now, you should know the basics of SEO. If you do not, you must first learn the basic principles. Check out our SEO guide.
First, if you have no site, you get one. The child does not cut it, a website is an affordable investment. Build your website in minutes.

keyword research

you need local SEO, you want your business to appear when potential customers are searching for your product or service. The first order of business is to select keywords. Keywords are any words. We offer local SEO services, so the word is a key word to us.Since we want to appear in a user searches for local search engine optimization services, we want to ensure that our SEO services website pages on the ground. You guessed how, you see.
Keyword ranking, you need to be directly related to your product or service. That is, if you want to sell it. Therefore, some keywords will automatically fall on your knees. Keyword research you do, you know what keywords you rank. Keyword research, you will need to access the Google Keyword Planner.

(2) Google Keyword Planner

you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find your keyword rankings useful keywords and phrases. You need a Google account to access it. You have two choices when you’re landing page.

  • new search keyword
  • search volume data obtained

If you do not know what keywords you will use, and then go to the options above. This will help you come up with keywords. If you know the type of keywords you want to use, then you can go and look at the options keyword data base, which will tell you the keyword monthly search volume, competition and how much money you are paid if the Google keyword advertising.

(3) Search Keywords

The first option will allow you to search for keywords. In our example, we use local search engine optimization. We then filled with the URL of our website, choose our product categories. You will see other options, most of which are run paid Google ads. However, you want to make sure this country is right, it is for this example. As you can see, Google Keyword Planner back to a wide range of optimization of our keywords “local search engine results. Because we want to target and local SEO rankings, we can use more keywords we can consider adding at a later date, the article or use the above, we can see keywords grouped. local SEO results back to 50 keywords have a total of 5080 searches a month. we see the degree of competition is moderate. you see local SEO highlighted in blue, so we have to click to see the results.

(4) Local Seo

the results of local SEO keywords in this picture, we can see the top of the search keywords “local SEO” we see local search SEO services most traffic in 1600. All results are based on one-month or 30 days. we see a high level of competition, paying the keyword, we want to pay per click of $ 20.60. actual costs will vary, but usually in dollars. here’s something you can afford to pay $ 20 per click? it is only $ 100 5 200, $ 10. If you have a great landing page, it can work. this will depend on the customer how much is your business worth it. in tough societies example. If we use paid advertising and we have targeted local SEO as a keyword, how can we value each client? our local SEO service starts at $ 250 a month. we always use the basic cost of this. Therefore, we sought to determine whether it is worth targeting this place SEO as a keyword. If we put one every 5 visits, we will have a 20 percent conversion rate. we paid $ 100, we made $ 250. now, it will be worth it. but if we only 15 visits 1, we will lose money. we estimate that paid advertising ROI. now, if you have made a monthly service, you can put an early loss, but how to ensure that customers will pay one month’s service? you do not know, unless you have a contract. then you can evaluate which customers are worth it. its products more easily. If you sell for $ 10 a book, you pay $ 1 to access, you know you need a conversion rate of 50 percent, making $ 5 customers .

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