Netflix 100 million members worldwide

While Amazon and Netflix won four Oscars together last night, the data that App Annie has collected shows the value of the success of apps and online videos: nearly 5 billion downloads and about $ 900 million in worldwide revenue in 2016 for the Entertainment category on Google Play and App Store. This represents a worldwide use equivalent to 15 billion hours in 2016 – 2.5 times more than in 2014.

The situation is the same everywhere in Europe: France, Germany and the United Kingdom show a significant increase in the use of data. It has more than doubled in Germany, ahead of France and the United Kingdom, but the average time per person spent on video streaming applications has increased for users in these three countries.

According to Nicolas Beraudo, MD EMEA of AppAnnie , the world’s leading provider of data related to the mobile application market: “It is clear that mobile devices play a leading role in transforming the media sector by redefining how the public Consumes content. Due to the ubiquity of mobile content and its availability at any time, users no longer need to be in front of the television to be spectators. Content remains king, but now power is literally in the hands of consumers. They want choice, quality programming, and an impeccable streaming experience that plays a key role in viewing content anywhere and at any time. Failure to perform well on only one of these parameters means risk losing customers and revenues to the immediate competitors. ”

This comment comes as the CEO and co-founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings presented his vision of the future of the television and broadcasting industry to the Mobile World Congress in an increasingly mobile world.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was interviewed at the MWC in Barcelona last night with questions from Francine Stock of the BBC. He said it is exciting to broadcast content on a global scale! He recalled that the bulimia of watching series had a precedent with with the novel! You had to read it to the end, you could do it at your ease, it was portable, you could take it to the beach. The Internet has reduced this consumption on the screen!

The CEO of Netflix predicted that all the video in the next 10 to 20 years will be on the Internet. The company has launched in 130 countries, just about everywhere except China, that’s 100 million members worldwide.

What about the competition from Amazon and Apple and others?

Hastings said these companies are not trying to remove Netflix. On the contrary, they really try to serve consumers, and it’s a bit wonderful somehow … All the content you consume will be on the Internet, and Netflix will be a small slice of that 🙂We’re going to have a show that will be very controversial and Which will be released in about six weeks, called “13 Reasons Why”. It will be very controversial because it honestly deals with suicide. This will highlight the teenage states of adolescents with suicide.

Since Netflix uses the bandwidth of telecommunications networks, how can Netflix get along with all those network operators Netflix uses?

He stressed that it is up to operators to find new business models to make it work. A number of companies are pioneering new ways to deliver video to consumers, where you get an unlimited right of viewing of the video. He recalled that Netflix has invested in codecs so that, at half a megabit [per second], you get incredible image quality. They are now at about 300 kilobits per second, and they hope one day to go down to 200 kilobits. Netflix is ​​therefore increasingly effective with operator networks.

And quality on mobile?

“As mobile phones are getting better and better, everything is improving. We just announced with LG [Electronics] how we integrate HDR [high definition video] into phones, so that you get a more complete color spectrum, so that those advanced screens you see in the mobile really go Progress. He recalled that there are people who are very classical about what they want. But the screens on mobile these days are simply incredible. I bet that the elderly will watch the big screens forever, and young people will be mobile-focused🙂

We want to be very flexible, so we want to design for any kind of screen you have, “he continued. We focus on the stories you’re watching on any screen.

In the US, he recalled that the total number of cable households remained fairly stable despite the fact that Netflix is ​​present in about half of US households. Internet is the most global media we have ever seen. I know many of you are saying, I like Netflix, but there are too many choices. Make the choice for me. We have a lot of things we learn on the Internet. In five or ten years from now, the quality of Netflix in all your devices will be simply amazing. But we do not know what it is, but the Internet allows us to be creative.

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