Turning your smartphone into a laptop

Why have so many devices while only one can suffice? Mobile convergence is the solution for developing innovative products that simplify life. Miraxess, this startup wishes to mark the time with an innovative vision of the computer and a new approach of the mobility, to make that the Smartphone makes disappear the PC, making the synchronization of the data a problem of the past …

While the mobile takes precedence over the traditional PC, the Mirabook is the indispensable innovation that transforms its smartphone into a laptop. This extension comes in the form of a high-end laptop with aluminum finishes, ultra light and customizable, with a full HD screen, a touchpad, storage memory and an ultra long battery to recharge the phone in same time. Simple and convenient, the extension connects via the Smartphone’s C-type USB connector and instantly projects the mobile screen into a desktop configuration. The Mirabook is the laptop that everyone already owns half. Miraxess is expected to launch its Crowdfunding campaign within a few weeks and will launch the next technological revolution.

Miraxess and DisplayPort sign a partnership to use DisplayPort technology on the Mirabook. This video and audio protocol is on the way to becoming the new standard of the Mobile connection on the USB-C and thus allows the Mirabook to be compatible with the widest range of Smartphones.

A logical choice between performance and compatibility

The success of DisplayPort is based in particular on its performances which can display up to 8K in 60Hz. Its technology allows an audio and video transfer of the monitor to the screen of unsurpassed quality. Unlike DisplayLink software technology that would use up to 30% of the CPU, DisplayPort is a primarily hardware solution that allows unmatched fluidity and performance on Mobile.

DisplayPort over USB-C technology is now used by the biggest brands of Mobiles: ACER, ASUS, HTC, HP, Microsoft, LG etc … The Mirabook will be compatible with the vast majority of smartphones of these brands there and in particular The famous Samsung Galaxy S8 which will display a “Desktop Experience” interface adapted to the Mirabook.

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