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The common mistake many social media-related businesses is to hurry to create a Facebook page or a Twitter feed without having done proper planning. The possible results are a waste of resources to poor performance. A social media strategy is essential if you want your investment to pay.

Here is a checklist of the key elements to integrate a social media strategy.


Using key employees, determine the main objectives of your presence in social media. Is it to attract more customers? Promote your brand recognition? Improve the customer service? Depending on your goals, decide how you measure your success in social media (p. Ex. Number of visits, subscribers and comments extent to which we exchange your content, potential new clients, etc. .) and set yourself targets.


Determine your target audience and the extent to which he is receptive to the various social media platforms. Focus your efforts early on the most likely platform to be used by your audience, and experience at the same time.

content strategy and key messages

Think of the kind of content that will captivate your audience . Aim for balance between entertainment and information. Especially, do not pay in self-promotion to the death – a fatal mistake in social media.

How you design your key messages? Use your knowledge and data you collected, organize a discussion group or search the advice of a professional.But do not rely solely on your intuition, that could go wrong.


Your content should encourage fans and followers to interact with your company and, ultimately, to become or remain your customers. To do this, he must present the human side of your business and provide benefits to subscribers, such as information, advice and entertainment.

From time to time, you will go further and launch direct action alerts asking people to buy a new product to take advantage of a special offer or subscribe to your newsletter.

Action Plan on Social Media

Now you are ready to create your action plan. Who does what? The tasks to assign your company include those to ensure traffic monitoring social media to create content and post it on your sites and other social media sites.Allocate adequate resources to training employees and consider hiring a social media manager. Make sure you communicate your social strategy to employees and encourage involvement of all staff and management.

Release Schedule

Regular updates are the lifeblood of social media. Without them, you will be unable to weave the links you want with your subscribers. Set a publication schedule stating how often each of the platforms will be updated and will be responsible.

Take stock of your existing virtual resources. It is crucial to offer content that readers find useful to enlarge the community of your social media. But you do not have to create a completely new content. Indeed, it may be that you already have a lot in your files to get you started. Keep in mind however that the existing content is not always enough. Successful companies usually create new material for every social media platform.


Keep track of your efforts to ensure that you reach your goals. In addition, review and update regularly your strategy for social media.

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