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Local Search Engine Optimization starter

introduction Local SEO Guide

If your business in the local, the state, county, city, town or community, and local search engine optimization you should invest.Local SEO has several benefits compared to national or global search engine optimization needs. An important example is the competition, some of the SEO world, we know a lot about. When you are with a national or international brand competition, competition is often high. When your local competition, no competition, which means that fewer companies are trying to rank the same keywords as you. What is SEO work in 2016?
Local SEO does not mean that the road to success is easier, but most importantly, it will. One point to note, if you’re in a big city like New York or Los Angeles, you may find that you have as much competition. The results of your search engine optimization strategy will depend on under a wide range of circumstances, we will in the future. But now, I’m going to teach you what you need to know at our local SEO Guide.

Unless you want to hire a local SEO services, it will be your plan, put your plan into a local SEO responsibility to act. Now, you should know the basics of SEO. If you do not, you must first learn the basic principles. Check out our SEO guide.
First, if you have no site, you get one. The child does not cut it, a website is an affordable investment. Build your website in minutes.

keyword research

you need local SEO, you want your business to appear when potential customers are searching for your product or service. The first order of business is to select keywords. Keywords are any words. We offer local SEO services, so the word is a key word to us.Since we want to appear in a user searches for local search engine optimization services, we want to ensure that our SEO services website pages on the ground. You guessed how, you see.
Keyword ranking, you need to be directly related to your product or service. That is, if you want to sell it. Therefore, some keywords will automatically fall on your knees. Keyword research you do, you know what keywords you rank. Keyword research, you will need to access the Google Keyword Planner.

(2) Google Keyword Planner

you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find your keyword rankings useful keywords and phrases. You need a Google account to access it. You have two choices when you’re landing page.

  • new search keyword
  • search volume data obtained

If you do not know what keywords you will use, and then go to the options above. This will help you come up with keywords. If you know the type of keywords you want to use, then you can go and look at the options keyword data base, which will tell you the keyword monthly search volume, competition and how much money you are paid if the Google keyword advertising.

(3) Search Keywords

The first option will allow you to search for keywords. In our example, we use local search engine optimization. We then filled with the URL of our website, choose our product categories. You will see other options, most of which are run paid Google ads. However, you want to make sure this country is right, it is for this example. As you can see, Google Keyword Planner back to a wide range of optimization of our keywords “local search engine results. Because we want to target and local SEO rankings, we can use more keywords we can consider adding at a later date, the article or use the above, we can see keywords grouped. local SEO results back to 50 keywords have a total of 5080 searches a month. we see the degree of competition is moderate. you see local SEO highlighted in blue, so we have to click to see the results.

(4) Local Seo

the results of local SEO keywords in this picture, we can see the top of the search keywords “local SEO” we see local search SEO services most traffic in 1600. All results are based on one-month or 30 days. we see a high level of competition, paying the keyword, we want to pay per click of $ 20.60. actual costs will vary, but usually in dollars. here’s something you can afford to pay $ 20 per click? it is only $ 100 5 200, $ 10. If you have a great landing page, it can work. this will depend on the customer how much is your business worth it. in tough societies example. If we use paid advertising and we have targeted local SEO as a keyword, how can we value each client? our local SEO service starts at $ 250 a month. we always use the basic cost of this. Therefore, we sought to determine whether it is worth targeting this place SEO as a keyword. If we put one every 5 visits, we will have a 20 percent conversion rate. we paid $ 100, we made $ 250. now, it will be worth it. but if we only 15 visits 1, we will lose money. we estimate that paid advertising ROI. now, if you have made a monthly service, you can put an early loss, but how to ensure that customers will pay one month’s service? you do not know, unless you have a contract. then you can evaluate which customers are worth it. its products more easily. If you sell for $ 10 a book, you pay $ 1 to access, you know you need a conversion rate of 50 percent, making $ 5 customers .

what is seo search engine optimization?

The common mistake many social media-related businesses is to hurry to create a Facebook page or a Twitter feed without having done proper planning. The possible results are a waste of resources to poor performance. A social media strategy is essential if you want your investment to pay.

Here is a checklist of the key elements to integrate a social media strategy.


Using key employees, determine the main objectives of your presence in social media. Is it to attract more customers? Promote your brand recognition? Improve the customer service? Depending on your goals, decide how you measure your success in social media (p. Ex. Number of visits, subscribers and comments extent to which we exchange your content, potential new clients, etc. .) and set yourself targets.


Determine your target audience and the extent to which he is receptive to the various social media platforms. Focus your efforts early on the most likely platform to be used by your audience, and experience at the same time.

content strategy and key messages

Think of the kind of content that will captivate your audience . Aim for balance between entertainment and information. Especially, do not pay in self-promotion to the death – a fatal mistake in social media.

How you design your key messages? Use your knowledge and data you collected, organize a discussion group or search the advice of a professional.But do not rely solely on your intuition, that could go wrong.


Your content should encourage fans and followers to interact with your company and, ultimately, to become or remain your customers. To do this, he must present the human side of your business and provide benefits to subscribers, such as information, advice and entertainment.

From time to time, you will go further and launch direct action alerts asking people to buy a new product to take advantage of a special offer or subscribe to your newsletter.

Action Plan on Social Media

Now you are ready to create your action plan. Who does what? The tasks to assign your company include those to ensure traffic monitoring social media to create content and post it on your sites and other social media sites.Allocate adequate resources to training employees and consider hiring a social media manager. Make sure you communicate your social strategy to employees and encourage involvement of all staff and management.

Release Schedule

Regular updates are the lifeblood of social media. Without them, you will be unable to weave the links you want with your subscribers. Set a publication schedule stating how often each of the platforms will be updated and will be responsible.

Take stock of your existing virtual resources. It is crucial to offer content that readers find useful to enlarge the community of your social media. But you do not have to create a completely new content. Indeed, it may be that you already have a lot in your files to get you started. Keep in mind however that the existing content is not always enough. Successful companies usually create new material for every social media platform.


Keep track of your efforts to ensure that you reach your goals. In addition, review and update regularly your strategy for social media.

search engine optimization firmsearch engine optimization firm

Almost any home business knows that search engines can support in driving traffic to your web pages due to the fact nearly 85% of net surfers seem to information, from search engines. In addition, they do not go beyond 1, two pages, or 20 pages listed.

Fantastic search engine optimization companies will help you to rank your website among the top 10. In this case, there is no shortage of search engine internet marketing business so that you can take your choose.You will reveal that you have a lot of competition fighting for the most the first 10 or 20 pages takes so it would be wise to use the individual suppliers of substitution engine advertising company, to increase the visibility of your site. There are many companies to take a decision, but that of the people request of millions of dollars.

Research Search Engine Optimization company must be an expert in the development of keywords for your site. Very good site can also quickly pass this test, so, however, can be difficult to select the appropriate search engine optimization website corporation.Generating potential customers is quite important for web sites. There is a ton of competition in line to trade the globe, various websites perfectly. In this case, every website needs to consolidate its position and its share of industry on advertising and marketing and advertising efforts. If these efforts are designed in a suitable route website will get a lot of targeted visitors.

As a consequence of business will develop. To get even more on the web site web traffic is due to the fact that your world wide web web page is optimized for search. You can do this in two procedures.The the first and most important question in this regard is to change the material of your internet site. The material content of your website should be optimized study. If it is optimized for search engines and has a lot of phrases built into it, the probability of your site getting lifted if the research engine 1 carries out research raise. Thus, you can ensure the site visitors.

Research Engine Optimization NYC – How to Reap Optimum Rewards You very own organization on the line? If unsure, you should know the consequences of the relevant site positioning, search engine optimization companies on the web portal. This brings a large pool online visitors towards your site on the Internet, which later turns into customers, potential customers, small-minded business and the formation of a very good clientele too. Now, being a New Yorker, you are spared the trouble choosing the right search engine optimization agency for your home business to a greater extent as search engine optimization NYC firms are well liked its perfect products and services across the country.

There are hundreds of substitution of search engine optimization companies in New York, but that could make an ideal alternative should be the most important concern. Most importantly do not just jump on any search engine optimization agency in a jiffy. Conduct a thorough research of the industry reputation of the agency you decide on. Get feedback from users, so you can be confident in your search engine optimization performance numbers

Learn WordPress Web font Seo

Web fonts are one of the fundamental principles of modern web design. They are connected to the vast majority of WordPress-sites. Optimizing the use and connection of web fonts is critical as poorly optimized web fonts can degrade the performance of your site. Despite this risk, refuse to web fonts are not completely necessary. These fonts are popular for many reasons.

Designers like web fonts for licenses under which they are provided, as well as improved interaction experience.

Web fonts are often processed much faster than web safe fonts (fonts which are often used for documents on the network) on a wide range of devices of different sizes and resolutions.

In this article we will look at Web fonts, as well as examine the methods and tools that you can use to add optimized web fonts to your site, the WordPress.

What are Web Fonts?

Before we talk about optimizing the connection web fonts, I want to make sure that we understand the terminology. If you touch the web site, there are two basic types of fonts for them:

  • The Web the Safe fonts (web-safe fonts). These are fonts that are already pre-installed on the devices. This includes basic fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New , as well as some generic font families like serif, sans-serif, and monospace.
  • Web Fonts – these are fonts that are not pre-installed on the devices and must first be downloaded by the browser user, and only then they can be displayed.

In general, web fonts must be downloaded to the site visitor’s browser, while web-safe fonts do not require additional loading. As a result, the owners of sites that use web fonts, you need to think about the impact of download fonts to the site performance.

Accommodation and delivery of web fonts

If you choose to use web fonts, you should decide on how you will keep the font resources. There are two variants of placing web fonts:

  • Placement on the site. font resource located on your own server along with the rest of the files of the site.
  • on third-party servers placement. Fonts are hosted on third-party services such as Google Fonts and Typekit.

Using a third-party service, such as Google Fonts, is the most popular and simple method of working with web fonts. However, some developers do not like to rely on third-party services for performance and security reasons, and in this case the font resource hosting the server is the best option. If you do not have the technical skills or sufficient server capacity to transmit font resources faster than do the Adobe or Google, it is best to use existing services to accommodate and deliver web fonts.

Optimization of web fonts – it is quite a difficult task, and there are many different ways to optimize the delivery of web fonts. One option that will perfectly match your site depends on the mass of various factors, including the speed of your server and network, the size of the CSS-style of your site as well as your technical skills.


Optimization of web fonts that are added through the services

We’ll start with this option, because it is the simplest and most popular. While Typekit popular with professional developers, Google Fonts is the most common source of third-party fonts. The service is free, free to use; users do not need to download multiple fonts, Google Fonts resources because the fonts are already stored in the browser cache.

Adding Google Fonts for WordPress-site is a simple action. Fastest implementation – is to add fonts directly to the file header.php theme using HTML-link element or the file functions.php using wp_enqueue_script ().

Once the fonts will be added to header.php or functions.php, you can apply them to the site through CSS-arbitrary rules.

Remember that you will need to use a subsidiary subject, if you want to make any changes to the files are the main theme. Otherwise, you will lose all your changes with the next update theme.

If you do not want to touch the theme files, you can use WordPress-plugin that will add Google Fonts to your site.


My favorite plugin for adding Google Fonts to WordPress-site – it is the Easy Google Fonts . It allows you to easily customize the font styles for each text element and create arbitrary selections for special items. Font styles are assigned to each element and an arbitrary selector through the customizer. As a result, you get a live preview of all changes.


Another popular option for adding Google Fonts for WordPress – This plugin is the WP Google Fonts .This plugin, unfortunately, does not offer a live preview of the changes, but it provides much more flexibility for configuring font styles and character sets. For this reason, if you are not satisfied with the load which has Easy Google Fonts to your site, you can go to WP Google Fonts and select a narrower subset of font styles and character sets.

Optimization Google Fonts

All fonts Google Fonts are compressed and delivered via CDN network from Google, which will ensure the fastest possible delivery. Even given the fact that Google Fonts already includes a built-in optimization, there is still a possibility to accelerate the delivery of fonts.

If you choose Google Fonts do not include all the available styles and character sets. Carefully consider the styles and character sets that you really need, and add only these styles and subsets. Note that you need not necessarily include all the variations in italics or boldface. Browsers will adjust themselves these styles, if an appropriate font is not available.

Many sites use a unique font for styling the website header. However, realization of this means that you will need to add additional font file to be downloaded. Minimize the impact of the additional font style by loading only certain characters used in your title. You can do this by adding & text = with the necessary letters to the end of Google Fonts URL.

For example, if you want to get the word out Kinsta, using Bungee Shade, you can do it using the following links:

01 <link href='//'rel='stylesheet'>

Please note that here we have added & text = Kinsta to the link element. As a result, Google Fonts CDN will deliver only capital letter K, as well as lowercase letters i, n, s, t and a.

Using Fonts hosted on your own server

Fonts hosted on your server – this is the best option if you are using fonts that are available in the Service; If you can deliver fonts faster than services; or if you want to avoid dependence on foreign resources.

Add font manually to WordPress is not so difficult:

  • Load the font files on your site
  • Adding a rule @ font-face to the style.css of your themes for each of the loaded font
  • Apply fonts using arbitrary CSS-styles


However, if you want to simplify the process, you can use the plug-in the Use Any For the Font , which enables you to download fonts and bind them to HTML-elements directly from the WordPress console. You can use a free version of the plugin to load a font file. For $ 10 or more you can unlock the ability to upload an unlimited number of fonts.

Optimizing your own downloaded fonts

When used alone downloaded fonts can be very easy to make mistakes that can lead to a significant reduction in the speed of the site. To avoid such errors, follow these guidelines.

First, try to keep the font resources as concise as possible. When generating a font resource or add fonts to your site include only the styles and character sets that you really intend to use.

Second, supply fonts in four formats: woff2, woff, ttf and eot. When you add these fonts to your CSS-file using the rules @ font-face necessarily follow this order. This will ensure that the browser will choose the fastest format that they can handle.

Third, consider using a subset of the unicode-range to be limited only by the character sets that you want to use.

Optimize web fonts using the CSS-inlining (embedding)

If you are technically savvy and are ready to fight for every millisecond, you can speed up the download site, using inlining.

The basic idea of this approach is to use base64 encoding for embedding fonts in CSS stylistic table.Accordingly, the user’s browser will be able to avoid loading and processing of font resources.

Can the inlining fonts to speed up loading of your site? On this issue, opinions are divided. The reason that many people choose this path – the advantages of browser caching. Once the font resource is loaded, all subsequent views based on the same resource will be processed much faster. As a result, such a strategy worth considering if your site has a lot of returning visitors and multiple page views within a single session.

Encode your files to the CSS font-table -. A fairly simple task localfont – an easy to use web interface that you can use to convert files woff, woff2 and ttf in inline CSS. The tool even offers a JS-script that will check your browser’s cache for each user to the presence of the desired font before downloading the font again.

Another additional optimization technique for pulmonary sites

If you went with a separate placement to embed fonts in the CSS font files, the next logical step would be to consider the possibility of CSS embedded directly into the HTML-code of your site. In the case of this strategy, the font resources are included in the HTML-document site, eliminating the need for trips to the server for the font resource. However, this strategy also eliminates the advantages of storage and font resources in the user’s browser cache, because fonts are written directly into the HTML-code of the site and connect with each page load.

If you embed the font in the CSS directly in HTML, use only one family, one style and one set of characters. If you need additional font family, style or character sets, download them separately. In general, if your theme is not minimalist, including fonts using CSS in HTML-code does not allow to improve the overall performance of the site and will only lead to unnecessary problems.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Methods of Search Engine Optimization techniques

Depending on the ratio of search engines should distinguish between “black”, “white” and “gray” of SEO. We invite you to briefly meet with each of them.

“White” site optimization

If you do not affect the search issue, do not try to manipulate the behavior of visitors, and only increases the quality of life, filling it with interesting and useful content, making it easy to navigate, you use the “white” search engine optimization. It is a long path that requires serious approach to business. Perform these schemes alone is very difficult – requires a team of specialists, continuous analysis of the market, improve its services, constant work with visitors. But the result is worth it!

The main methods of “white” optimization of a site:

  • Creating quality content, regular addition to the site useful materials.
  • Competent selection of keywords, text optimization.
  • Convenient site navigation, constant improvement of the resource user-friendliness.
  • Work on internal optimization of website pages.
  • Competent permalink.
  • Ongoing analysis of competitors’ sites, the creation of affiliate programs.
  • And much more.

“White” site optimization makes the site more attractive, not only in the eyes of search engines, but also in the eyes of users. That is why it is recommended to use the “white” promotion methods to promote a commercial site.

A few words about the “gray” and “black” methods of promotion

Because “white” site optimization requires long and painstaking work, some experts have resorted to the “black” of SEO. It is highly effective methods, but they have come under the sanctions of search engines, so using them will lead to a rapid increase in positions, but the fall will be rapid.

The method of “black” a lot of promotion:

  • Cloaking – users and search bots to offer different content;
  • doorways – special pages filled with lots of keywords;
  • invisible to the user the contents: the small print, the text of the same tone with the background;
  • Keywords satiety;
  • bulk buying of links;
  • runs directories, forums.

The maximum proximity to the “black” methods are “gray” promotion. The main difference from previous ones – no precise reaction from the SS. If you use it correctly, it is possible to achieve high positions, but overuse is seen as a cheat, which will lead to a decrease in site positions in search results. Therefore, the “gray» SEO deal is still not recommended.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

To promote your site in the search results you must use two technologies: internal and external optimization. Looping on one of the parties does not give much success.

Internal optimization

Under the internal optimization realize any action to improve their site:

  • improving technical components – hosting engine;
  • optimization of the internal structure – site map;
  • the creation of semantic nucleus;
  • text formatting;
  • analysis of the content on the uniqueness, nausea.

External optimization

The essence of the external optimization lies in increasing the reference weight. A few years ago it was possible to buy links and get a rapid increase in issuance, now achieve the same result difficult. Search engines are actively fighting with “unnatural links”, they are purchased on the stock exchange, obtained automatic and manual runs left in the low-quality directories and social bookmarking. Also important are poor links to resources, the subjects of which are not related to the topic of your site.

Also links to other resources, to the external optimization refers to the promotion of social networks. In addition to the positive effect of this method of search engine optimization you can get additional traffic.

WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” light Released

WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” is now available for download. The new release is named in honor of Pepper Adams, who played the baritone saxophone and clarinet. Version 4.6 is devoid of any intriguing opportunities – instead, she offers a set of successive improvements.

Management plug-ins and themes become even faster

Based on what has been started in WordPress 4.2, this release makes updating, installing and removing plug-ins, and the even more rapid. Gone are the days when you had to watch the progress bar during the installation of plugins or themes.

Native system fonts

One of the most important changes that have marked users – a switch from Open Sans to the native system fonts. Open Sans used in those days, when the font selection was very limited. Over time, native fonts have improved dramatically on modern devices.

Using the native fonts WordPress not only improves productivity, but also allows for a holistic, consistent style. Developers should pay attention to this nuance, and make the appropriate changes in their decisions.

Automatic detection of URL syntax

WordPress 4.6 will automatically detect links with incorrect syntax. If the link is presented in the wrong format, it will be displayed with red dotted outline. Importantly, the URL checker works only if you insert a reference through a button – Paste URL directly in the text to avoid this test.

Improved recovery mode

By default, WordPress saves post title, content, as well as a quote in the browser every 15 seconds per page, and edit entries before submitting the form. Since the content in the browser is more relevant, WordPress 4.6 will be the first to try to restore it, and only then resort to auto save.

Other notable features:

  • The number of arguments register_meta reduced from 4 to 3. There are also a number of other improvements for register_meta.
  • WordPress 4.6 has standardized registration of meta-keys.
  • Comments are now cached using permanent object cache. Developers whose plugins directly alter the content of comments will have to update their solutions using a variety of API-functions the comments or using clean_comment_cache ().
  • Appeared WP_Post_Type records for each registered type.
  • WordPress 4.6 uses the new W3C specification, which helps browsers to determine which resources to select and pre-treated to improve page performance.
  • Improvements languages and localizations.
  • Functions and register_widget unregister_widget now accept WP_Widget subclass.
  • customizer enhancements with the addition of API for validating and setting values.
  • Improved API and performance for Multisite WordPress.

In the version of WordPress 4.6 contributed 272 Developer. If you encounter any problems or have opened a bug, please post in the WordPress support forums.

Simple Steps: increase the organic SEO-traffic upto 40,000 (Starter)

In the life of any SEO or a studio there were those clients who had a negative experience with the previous contractor.This could be due to the negligence of the latter, and with a change in the ranking algorithms of search engines.Presenting your attention the case of Professional SEO, our Australian colleagues. In it you will find information on how to rectify the consequences of wrongly chosen strategy, how to build referential mass at the site and be content plan in the long term.

Professional SEO Companies happened almost a year working on a project of major Australian startup. Initially, the client has come to the typical tasks of link building and search engine promotion. Previously, he worked with the SEO-company, which had an extensive network of reference and used inappropriate tactics and methods. Under the incorrect use of tactics meant link sites of dubious quality, created exclusively for references . As a result of unprofessional work of the contractor company was losing a considerable profit. Before Professional SEO experts has been tasked to develop a strategy for the revival of the client’s site.

Below you can see screenshots of traffic growth for a resource. The client received 40,000 monthly unique visitors from organic SERPs. But how? Here are the steps that have been taken Professional SEO agency to achieve this result.The information is presented in a general way, so that each reader can adapt their situation under this case.

seo strategies to increase traffic

The graph shows the comparison of performance in January 2012 to January 2013 based on organic traffic; It is an example of growth that can be obtained by getting rid of ineffective SEO-tactics and strategy for introducing high-quality link building and content creation.

Step one: search and analysis of the links

So, you understand that you have a problem. You have received a warning in Google Webmaster Tools, or a team to combat spam network Hand imposed sanctions, and you now know exactly what the previous agency used outdated and incorrect methods for link building. As in this case, to find a low-quality links?

You can use the following tools:

  • Majestic SEO (surcharge tool);
  • Ahrefs (surcharge tool);
  • Open Site Explorer (surcharge tool);
  • Google Webmaster Tools (a free tool).

In the described case: the agency used a combination of Majestic SEO data from the “Tools for Webmasters” in .csv format for further analysis of links from this file.

Step Two: We separate the bad from the good links

So swapping out its reference profile in the .csv, get an extensive list of all the domains associated with the site. If you are doing SEO for a long time, you will see from the analysis, which links are poor in terms of top-level domain zone and URL-addresses. If you are not confident in their abilities, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced SEO-experts, because the wrong interpretation of data from these tools can easily cause damage to the site. The problem with filtering bad donors is that in the eyes, and sometimes having all possible characteristics of the donor, it is very difficult to determine their quality. Accordingly, instead of “unnatural” link, you can easily remove the high-quality and thus cause even greater harm to the site.

In the described case: Agents use their own experience and lessons learned to determine the low-quality reference donors. Experts also caught up with the previous contractor and achieved the removal of references 2000, previously established.

Step three: Clean the reference profile

Refer to the site owners and ask them to remove the link to your resource. Most webmasters are likely to go to meet you and will remove the links from their sites. However, in today’s market, some of them want to make money, which is very unpleasant. But do not worry: in this case Google has created a service disavowing links.

We recommend that you try all possible ways to remove low-quality links before you go directly to the instrument Disavow links. Because otherwise, if you go along the path of least resistance, and begin at once to give up all the links through Disavow links, it will not have the Google matter, because you made no effort to find and remove bad links themselves.

In the described case: Agency lucky: they have removed most of the reference weight after a campaign that led the previous contractor, directly referring to many webmasters with a request to remove the links. Note tool disavowing the agency did not use, since at that time he still did not exist.

Step Four: Writing on Google a request for the revision of the site

Currently, Google is full of requests for revision of webmasters from around the world. During holidays, the search quality team is not considering these requests. From Professional SEO experience: Google may take about 15-30 days to answer the request for a review; during periods of high load it can take even longer.

seo strategies to increase traffic 2016

Ideally – you need to be completely honest in his request for review and to tell Google about all that made the previous agency and what you have done. Be sure to include all of the information from Excel on remote references and let them know that you are going to continue to get rid of all the negative aspects. It is well known that Google is unable to accept your first request for a review, so it may take a few attempts.

In the described case: experts sent a comprehensive request for review, the first time he was rejected, but the second attempt succeeded. Emphasize the fact that you are going to remove all substandard links if possible.

Step Five: Implementation of strategies for creating high-quality content

So, the Google received a request for review, you can now move on and create a strategy to expand its high-quality reference content and weight. At the same time we must be prepared to ensure that quality links are expensive, so we advise in advance determine the criteria for selection of donors. In fact, you have to decide on the filters, which you will select the site for placement of links.

As you probably know, the network is full of examples of marketing creating good content, but the problem is that most of these are examples of large companies. Small and medium businesses can not spend so much money, so it is best in the next step to create a “calendar content,” the client to know when and how much money is required to allocate the writing and subsequent publication. Identify all the events associated with the placement of content within a year, and think about how you can connect them with the customer’s business. As an example, here are seven ideas to get you started:

  • The content dedicated to Valentine’s Day.
  • The content dedicated to Easter.
  • The content dedicated to Mother’s Day.
  • The content dedicated to the celebration of Halloween.
  • The content dedicated to the International Day of the pirate.
  • Christmas content.
  • Any important anniversary of the company, for example, 20 years in the business.

Think about the strategy of growth of content can use the client you selected, and make a plan in the Excel-file (an example is shown below):

We advise to involve in this process all, even a secretary. In business, good ideas for content can come from anywhere and anyone. Creative agencies charge thousands of dollars for a “brainstorming”, but a similar effect can be obtained free of charge together with his team.

In the described case: agency experts have published a large amount of new content to the blog and news section of the site, trying to make the material creative and fun. Because the client belonged to the sphere of HR ( Note: The scope of recruitment ), it was used articles in the style of “funny questions in the interview,” “technical questions in the interview,” etc. It is surprising that one of the articles even came on the first page of reddit. ( Note: the popular western site ) publish content related to different holidays, placed customer-specific materials industry and the leading trends in the market.

Step Six: Implementation of strategies for building high-quality reference weight

Tie a link building strategy with your marketing strategy to build content. Methods of link building have changed dramatically over the past few years. Gone are the days when you leave links on forums and social bookmarking. In today’s market, if you want to be in front, you need a responsible approach to the creation of the reference mass. Here are some relevant ideas to generate a reference profile:

  • Make sure that the appropriate links are always included in the PR-materials that you publish.
  • Make sure that you are looking for suppliers and partners of the business, with whom you can exchange links.
  • Keep track of your competitors: if they use tools like Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, and other services listed above. Think about how your competitors are getting links and try to learn from their experience.
  • Attend local events or meetings and communicate with bloggers from your industry. First find friends and associates, and then try to get guest posts on their sites or blogs.
  • Look for high-quality resources and portals on your theme, where you can get good links and traffic. Refer to the resources and directories, which are asked to go through a verification process, such as checking the phone, rather than to those that let you add a site in a matter of seconds. What is harder to get a link to a resource, the higher its quality for the search engine.
  • Buy high-quality links to news and announcements, while attentive to the sites selected through.

In the described case: specialists used a small number of links is very high quality each month. For example, monthly placed only 40 references in addition to the work that was carried out in the field of content marketing. Also a lot invested in the inverse tracking competitors’ link profiles using Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer. They figure out how to get specific competitors backlinks, and then by expanding the scope and content creation were able to get the same.

Step Seven: Implementation markup and rel = “author” – a standard semantic markup data network, announced the Google search engine, Bing, and Yahoo! in the summer of 2011. The goal of semantic markup -. To make the Internet more intuitive and structured to facilitate the search engines and special programs extraction and processing of information for easy submission to its search results.

= the rel “author” – is the author meta tag HTML5 with reference to the personal profile of the author of the content. This feature enables users to easily find the articles favorite authors and writers – highlight your text in the search results. Next to the result can be shown a photo of the author, and a link to his personal page Google+. and rel = “author” – a very important point. If you do not mark Schema and rel = “author”, it can be costly to your business. It’s simple. For example, you want to cook spaghetti for dinner, enter the query [recipe spaghetti] and see several good layouts, but one of the competitors and there is no binbuzz rel = “author”. He lost the battle for your attention, do not you?



Google promotes the rel = “author” at various events. Basic settings of the meta tag to be found in Google help here .

On a par with Google and Bing promotes and Schema. You can find all information about the layout here .

In the described case: specialists have successfully implemented the rel = “author” for three full-time copywriters client company. He had more than 300 articles, generated by these copywriters for many years, and was able to apply for their rel = “author”. Anyone who has a great section with articles or other content should do the same – it will only benefit the site. Agency to further implement the Schema markup for the content of the resource, since it increases CTR snippets in search results.

Step Eight: Search technical errors on the website

Many older websites have great technical problems. Here are some examples of major technical problems, which often can be encountered:

  • Someone has completed the transfer of the site in the past year and set up a 301 redirect to the correct the URL-addresses, which in turn led to the fact that many of the key pages are now given to 404, although this should not be.
  • Someone created a section related categories using JavaScript technology and search engine spiders can not access the content.
  • Someone has blocked some sections of the site in the robots.txt without any reasons.
  • Someone used the same rel = “canonical” on only one page of the site, not at all.
  • Someone created a contextual advertising duplicate pages within a site by simply copying the content.

Solving such problems can actually be good for your resource positions.

In the described case: professionals need to reduce the number of 404 errors on the site, reduce the number of 302 redirects, as well as control other site areas and optimize the page with content promoted.

Step Nine: Deep research your keywords and content data for the implementation of an effective long-term strategy

Using data from an advertising campaign in AdWords (or Yandeks.Direkte) in its entirety is the field of SEO, which many do not penetrate, which is a pity. If you do not use this data to help their SEO-projects, then you should do it now.

Here you can find a very good article on how to use the content data for research and analysis of keywords.

Using data from an advertising campaign in the networks of contextual advertising, followed by a deep keyword research you will be able to accurately identify the areas where you have a competitive advantage, and by which you can increase your business revenue.

In the described case: experts took the main requests of the PPC on the basis of conversions and add these keywords to existing site pages. Also created new pages with quality content on the basis of the conversion request.Such a strategy can be of great help in the growth of the overall conversion of the site and subsequently contribute to an increase in income. For the customer was carried out large-scale project of keyword research that led to the disclosure of many opportunities for content development and targeted to the target audience.

Step Ten: Monitor all processes and continue to carry out the work at a high level!

Control what happens to your sites is of paramount importance – if the resource is large, spend analysis on a daily basis, and if the site is small, check the metric at least once a week.

Follow RSS-channels of competitors and their social profiles; look at what they are doing, and think about whether you can use their ideas for the further promotion of their resources.

Do what works. For example, if you buy a long time eternal links with high-quality news sites and see what positions are going up, despite the updates “Penguin”, you should continue to buy links from these sites. If what you have previously implemented, given good traffic, try to publish a new version of the content, because if a New Year’s press release gave you a lot of traffic and links, it is necessary to repeat it next year. Another effective strategy is the transformation of the disparate content into the current article you are constantly supplemented to always answer questions of visitors.

In the described case: agency experts conducted daily monitoring. If there were something that needs to be fixed, carried out operational changes. Effective campaigns were run several times for the purpose of recurrence of primary success.

So, these are the ten key steps to help the client agency Professional SEO to achieve organic growth of SEO-traffic.Perhaps, this guide will help webmasters in their quest for love search engines and, in particular, Google.