AirPods: Testing Apple’s Wireless Headphones

After weeks of waiting and a worldwide announcement in September, Apple’s AirPods, the famous wireless headphones from the American brand are finally available. So, we did not resist the urge to test them and tell you concretely what it is worth.

Let us be frank from the start, we will not bother to be very technical, talking numbers or even detailing the smallest piece of welding the device. No, what we really want to know is how it works?

What’s the point ? Is it practical and especially do I have to buy it? How it works ? The brand with the apple has always boasted of being simple and efficient and there, one is clearly in the subject. Just open the small box that contains the headphones and hop! We’re connected. No need to stick, wait, recognize the device.

Nothing of that. In one breath, one is wireless! Cut the rope And the urban legend that wants headphones falling by itself? False, and arch-false. It holds and holds even more than well. You can run, do sports and even more.

Better finished than the conventional Earpods, they hold better in place. But be careful not to lose them, because they are very discreet (4g each). The small +: Simply remove one of the two earpieces to pause. Just put it back so that the sound resumes, without ever touching its iPhone .

Little -: No live control, except Siri. You have to go through his phone to change songs and / or volume. Battery or not Battery, that is the question? Who says wireless, said battery necessarily. And there, we are both content and not happy. Let’s start by grating. 5 hours of autonomy, it’s little. It is enough to forget to put them in the box, so that we fall into the roads. But rest assured, there is a solution.

The charge is very fast. After dropping to 0% battery, I put them in their box the time of 5 stations of metro. Roughly 10 min. Boum, 100% battery. Then even the heads in the air will be able to find themselves there. The small +: Have a portable charger always with you, happiness.

The small -: Having a portable charger always with you to put them away, it is sometimes also a little bulky. The right price Yes, 179 euros is not given, but compared to the prices displayed for many other wireless headphones, nothing crazy. Above all, the embedded technology ensures great continuity, especially if you are already familiar and equipped Apple .

Conclusion Ah yes, and the sound by the way? We are not on a headphone reducing noise at 500 euros, but clearly above the Apple Earpods classics and that is a real change. For a first it is a first successful, promising. We are already looking forward to see the Apple take more taste and propose to us in September a version 2 with, we are sure, an improvement following the many feedbacks received.

Galaxy S8: no front home button for Samsung smartphone

The physical home button of the Galaxy S8 would disappear. Samsung would expect to replace it with a home touch button that would work with 3D Touch.

Samsung ‘s recent statements have suggested that the Galaxy S8 would  mark a break with its predecessors, especially in terms of its design. A new rumor would confirm today the firm’s claims: the Galaxy S8 will not have a physical button on the screen.

Galaxy S8: the physical home button disappears

The information comes from David Ruddock , one of the publishers of the Android Police site. According to him, the home button of the Galaxy S8 will be tactile and will integrate a system 3D Touch. Fully configurable, several contextual actions would be proposed depending on the intensity of the pressure exerted on this new tactile button.

The fate of the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S8 is on the other hand uncertain. Some experts suggest that Samsung could partner with Synaptics to offer a fingerprint sensor on the front. Others feel that the fingerprint reader could simply be moved to the back of the device.

Galaxy S8: a borderless screen?

For many months the rumor has it that the Galaxy S8 will have a curved screen without curved . It goes without saying that removing the physical home button would in any case save a significant amount of space on the front of Samsung’s future smartphone. As a reminder, the Galaxy S8 should be declined in two different versions: a model to 5.2 inches and another to 6 inches.

Nokia, iconic brand returns with 4 smartphones on Android

This is the return of NOKIA! Repurchased more than 5.4 billion euros in 2013 by Microsoft. You should know that the Lumia were running on Android before the takeover by Microsoft. And Microsoft knew it. The Nokia X under Android had been launched a few months before the redemption! But the Microsoft option had been made …

2017, HMD Global (about 600 people), the new licensee of the Nokia brand of phones, announces a new generation of Nokia smartphones, with a new signature in terms of design, quality and user experience . All these Nokia smartphones run Android Nougat and will all feature Google Wizard

Nokia 6, combining performance and immersive entertainment in an extremely robust design with a premium design. There is a Limited Edition of the Nokia 6 Arte Black: this special edition, with a storage capacity of 64 GB and 4 GB of RAM, combines the best features of the Nokia 6 range in a shiny black model. This smartphone will be sold internationally at an average price of 299 euros.

Nokia 5 is a stylish smartphone that fits perfectly
The Nokia 5 has been designed with high precision contained in a single block of aluminum series 6000 to achieve a rounded shape that perfectly embraces the IPS HD screen of 5.2 “glass Laminated Corning Gorilla Glass. Relying on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 430 mobile platform with Qualcomm Adreno 505 graphics processor, the Nokia 5 combines structural integrity, robustness, fine detail and quality that is a high-end model that is accessible to everyone. Available in four colors, matt black, silver, dark blue and copper, the Nokia 5 will be distributed internationally at an average price of 189 euros.

Nokia 3, a very affordable model with the best value for money
With its precision aluminum frame made from a single block of aluminum, its 5 “carved glass Corning Gorilla Glass laminated glass and its cameras Front and rear) from 8MP to large aperture, the Nokia 3 offers the expected experience of a high-quality smartphone in compact and stylish. Available in four colors, white and silver, matt black, dark blue, and white and copper, the Nokia 3 will be distributed internationally at an average price of 139 euros.

The iconic Nokia 3310, revisited design for more modernity.
The Nokia 3310 is the modern version of one of the best selling phones in history. With an incredible 22 hours of talk time and a one-month standby time, the Nokia 3310 comes back with a new, modern, colorful design. Available in four colors, red and yellow (gloss finish) and blue and gray (matte finish), the Nokia 3310 will be distributed internationally at an average price of 49 euros.


This new range will be marketed in the second quarter of 2017 in Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The popular game Snake will also be present to the delight of the fans with a playable version on Messenger, taking part in the multi-platform experience of Facebook’s Instant Games that will allow to play several, with his group of friends.

nokia 3310 snake game

messagingMessaging (app) Vs Messaging (native)

On the MWC, many actors are involved in the phenomenon of the messageries and the operators for some years work there (since 2007) but without success! Google launches “Android Messages” an email that should compete with Apple’s iMessage that is not in the computer graphics of the 5 big messaging applications below. Android messaging will be integrated with Android phones sold by more than 27 mobile operators (including Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Globe, will join Sprint, Rogers and Telenor) and manufacturers (such as LG, Motorola, Sony and ZTE) Users with an improved SMS experience. All this is possible thanks to Rich Communications Services, or RCS, a standard that adds enhanced functionality to SMS messages, such as high-resolution photo sharing, video …

[ZTE, Micromax, HMD Global (Nokia), Archos, BQ, Cherry Mobile, Condor, Fly, General Mobile, Lanix, LeEco, Lava, Kyocera, MyPhone, QMobile, Symphony and Wiko have also agreed to integrate the application Android Messages in their handsets]

Message android

Text messaging (SMS) is one of the most widely used services on mobile devices worldwide, but the messaging feature with 160 characters has been developed for the mobile phone era. Today’s smart phones are more powerful and users expect more features like the ability to know if their text has been read or see when someone is responding to the message in real time. The ability to leave or join group messages is a basic messaging service of your phone, the standard RCS is the technological standard that makes this possible.

[Google will also provide an open source client-based version of the RCS specification and will provide developer APIs to enhance the RCS client experience. In the global deployment of the RCS, mobile operators can deploy their own infrastructure or they can use the Google Jibe platform, which supports the universal RCS profile. The Jibe platform includes a hosted cloud for individual operators to launch RCS services for all major mobile]

In early 2016, mobile messaging applications were used by 1.4 billion consumers worldwide, up 31.6% from the previous year and still growing. By 2018, the global number will reach 2 billion and represents 80% of smartphone users. Some studies cite this figure, with 72% of respondents reporting using a messaging application at least once a day!

This computer graphics is all you need to know about the 5 mobile application giants: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line and WeChat.

Messenger Usage

Netflix 100 million members worldwide

While Amazon and Netflix won four Oscars together last night, the data that App Annie has collected shows the value of the success of apps and online videos: nearly 5 billion downloads and about $ 900 million in worldwide revenue in 2016 for the Entertainment category on Google Play and App Store. This represents a worldwide use equivalent to 15 billion hours in 2016 – 2.5 times more than in 2014.

The situation is the same everywhere in Europe: France, Germany and the United Kingdom show a significant increase in the use of data. It has more than doubled in Germany, ahead of France and the United Kingdom, but the average time per person spent on video streaming applications has increased for users in these three countries.

According to Nicolas Beraudo, MD EMEA of AppAnnie , the world’s leading provider of data related to the mobile application market: “It is clear that mobile devices play a leading role in transforming the media sector by redefining how the public Consumes content. Due to the ubiquity of mobile content and its availability at any time, users no longer need to be in front of the television to be spectators. Content remains king, but now power is literally in the hands of consumers. They want choice, quality programming, and an impeccable streaming experience that plays a key role in viewing content anywhere and at any time. Failure to perform well on only one of these parameters means risk losing customers and revenues to the immediate competitors. ”

This comment comes as the CEO and co-founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings presented his vision of the future of the television and broadcasting industry to the Mobile World Congress in an increasingly mobile world.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was interviewed at the MWC in Barcelona last night with questions from Francine Stock of the BBC. He said it is exciting to broadcast content on a global scale! He recalled that the bulimia of watching series had a precedent with with the novel! You had to read it to the end, you could do it at your ease, it was portable, you could take it to the beach. The Internet has reduced this consumption on the screen!

The CEO of Netflix predicted that all the video in the next 10 to 20 years will be on the Internet. The company has launched in 130 countries, just about everywhere except China, that’s 100 million members worldwide.

What about the competition from Amazon and Apple and others?

Hastings said these companies are not trying to remove Netflix. On the contrary, they really try to serve consumers, and it’s a bit wonderful somehow … All the content you consume will be on the Internet, and Netflix will be a small slice of that 🙂We’re going to have a show that will be very controversial and Which will be released in about six weeks, called “13 Reasons Why”. It will be very controversial because it honestly deals with suicide. This will highlight the teenage states of adolescents with suicide.

Since Netflix uses the bandwidth of telecommunications networks, how can Netflix get along with all those network operators Netflix uses?

He stressed that it is up to operators to find new business models to make it work. A number of companies are pioneering new ways to deliver video to consumers, where you get an unlimited right of viewing of the video. He recalled that Netflix has invested in codecs so that, at half a megabit [per second], you get incredible image quality. They are now at about 300 kilobits per second, and they hope one day to go down to 200 kilobits. Netflix is ​​therefore increasingly effective with operator networks.

And quality on mobile?

“As mobile phones are getting better and better, everything is improving. We just announced with LG [Electronics] how we integrate HDR [high definition video] into phones, so that you get a more complete color spectrum, so that those advanced screens you see in the mobile really go Progress. He recalled that there are people who are very classical about what they want. But the screens on mobile these days are simply incredible. I bet that the elderly will watch the big screens forever, and young people will be mobile-focused🙂

We want to be very flexible, so we want to design for any kind of screen you have, “he continued. We focus on the stories you’re watching on any screen.

In the US, he recalled that the total number of cable households remained fairly stable despite the fact that Netflix is ​​present in about half of US households. Internet is the most global media we have ever seen. I know many of you are saying, I like Netflix, but there are too many choices. Make the choice for me. We have a lot of things we learn on the Internet. In five or ten years from now, the quality of Netflix in all your devices will be simply amazing. But we do not know what it is, but the Internet allows us to be creative.

Turning your smartphone into a laptop

Why have so many devices while only one can suffice? Mobile convergence is the solution for developing innovative products that simplify life. Miraxess, this startup wishes to mark the time with an innovative vision of the computer and a new approach of the mobility, to make that the Smartphone makes disappear the PC, making the synchronization of the data a problem of the past …

While the mobile takes precedence over the traditional PC, the Mirabook is the indispensable innovation that transforms its smartphone into a laptop. This extension comes in the form of a high-end laptop with aluminum finishes, ultra light and customizable, with a full HD screen, a touchpad, storage memory and an ultra long battery to recharge the phone in same time. Simple and convenient, the extension connects via the Smartphone’s C-type USB connector and instantly projects the mobile screen into a desktop configuration. The Mirabook is the laptop that everyone already owns half. Miraxess is expected to launch its Crowdfunding campaign within a few weeks and will launch the next technological revolution.

Miraxess and DisplayPort sign a partnership to use DisplayPort technology on the Mirabook. This video and audio protocol is on the way to becoming the new standard of the Mobile connection on the USB-C and thus allows the Mirabook to be compatible with the widest range of Smartphones.

A logical choice between performance and compatibility

The success of DisplayPort is based in particular on its performances which can display up to 8K in 60Hz. Its technology allows an audio and video transfer of the monitor to the screen of unsurpassed quality. Unlike DisplayLink software technology that would use up to 30% of the CPU, DisplayPort is a primarily hardware solution that allows unmatched fluidity and performance on Mobile.

DisplayPort over USB-C technology is now used by the biggest brands of Mobiles: ACER, ASUS, HTC, HP, Microsoft, LG etc … The Mirabook will be compatible with the vast majority of smartphones of these brands there and in particular The famous Samsung Galaxy S8 which will display a “Desktop Experience” interface adapted to the Mirabook.

Hints effective search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique used to increase the visibility of a website on the top pages of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to the best Internet marketing, with intent to traffic magnetization visitors and improves the ranking of a website. All businesses and individuals who are looking for a life online at Pine time to approach the first page of Google and other search engines to be recognized by current and potential customers.

Website Seo has several phases processes. These steps are tried and have always given a better result to California Seo Company.

Site Analysis

This is a first step; Tool produces a comprehensive SEO report for a particular page or a web page, the most important SEO factors used by the major search engines and provides a detailed report with all errors and warnings found during analysis diagnosis are discussed.

The Web SEO Analysis Report is divided into five main segments: the segment of the domain, the traffic segment, the segment of the page, the structure of the connecting segments and the segment of the diagnostics.

Customer requirements

And ‘essential for understanding customer needs before starting any SEO work. In the second step, we identify the purpose behind doing SEO. If the customer wants to get a good ranking in search engines, increase sales, get subscribers to your newsletter or to improve the popularity? Once we know customer expectations, we set our targets accordingly.

Search Keyword

Keyword research is an important aspect of SEO and Internet marketing draw a distinct parallel to the traditional market research. As successful advertising campaigns include content that attracts your target demographic, implement successful websites keywords that have the highest interest rates and conversion.

Website content

A web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant text to websites. His expertise lies in adapting to the special needs of web sites to compose them. Most of their work centers marketing products or services that are selling or support sites. Website content writing service is one of the most productive services being outsourced today.

Website Optimization

Optimization Website pitch involves a series of sub-steps and processes taking place on the web pages that are SEO friendly. We propose and implement a new navigation structure for the website, if there are problems with aircraft navigation existing site which can cause problems with search engines.

Site Map is integrated into the site, and the title tag, Meta keywords and description meta tags are added to the pages of the website. internal connection of the site has improved and header tags and Alt tags are added to the web pages. On page optimization is performed to make the engine friendly and easy to navigate web search spiders search engines.


Link popularity is the term given to the number of other sites that link to yours. Make a list of related activities with which it has a relationship, as well as professional organizations, vendors or suppliers may agree to add a link to your site on their own. Send your contact for organizations that require a connection. All new links to your site increases the likelihood that both spiders of search engines that run through your site, and researchers looking for products or services like yours.


This is the final step for the website, set up a Google Analytics account for your viewing site for traffic control after the monthly report and monthly keyword ranking report. And customer reports required during this period of the project.

How to optimize your apps?

The mobile Apps add fun and functionality to the basic operation of your phone.Today there is an amazing amount of applications for many different purposes, and it seems that the variety is endless.

The business of mobile applications has become safe and profitable. It is becoming more popular and more and more people are interested in using applications to meet their needs. There are numerous stores known applications, such as iTunes or Google Play, for both phones and tablets, and have endless applications. However, there are still those who prefer to search for applications on other websites because these app stores are not easy to use.

Competition increases and normalizes as the number of existing applications grows. Today, each new application is facing competition in its category of applications. For example, if you propose to launch an application list, then you have to face all those applications that offer similar functions. The mobile applications and optimization of search engines (SEO English Search Engine Optimization ) have become two phases of the process of launching an application: optimizing search engines can help in terms of competition with the other applications because your application can gain priority in the search engines.

Now that we know how important the optimization of search engines in the launch of an application, the question is how to optimize your application and get good results, a requirement for any newly released application. So, what should you do with the combination of applications and SEO to compete with other apps?

  • When creating the application, use local variables. So your memory is not filled with useless variables. The functions performed once do not need a variable and you should use if you prefer function back only once.
  • Tables must be well defined. In coding applications, be particularly provides better performance, satisfactory appearance and easier viewing.
  • Use the comments to help the recommendations.
  • Use specific names according to the file functions and try to debug the code to remove unnecessary codes and thus save you headaches.
  • Use plug-ins and DDLs as little as possible because it could cause file corruption when you do work your way.
  • In variables, it is better to use prefixes and CamelCase. With the help of numItemIndex, strFilePath and tblAcceptedKeys easier reading them and see what kind of data they contain.
  • Search engines always follow the same strategy for all purposes. The search engine analyzes the keywords of your website and the result appears on the keywords. The keywords must be relevant and should not be 100 characters.
  • Google Play and iTunes have received a grand prize for having the presence of the keyword in the application. It is a clear example of engine optimization strategy simple but highly effective search. You should use a relevant name as the features and category of your application.
  • Each application should have a unique and isolated icon. The icon makes your application calls the ℅ and search engines consider it part of the whole app.
  • You should add a rich description in keywords on your website and should contain virtually everything your application offers.instructional videos, user ratings and reviews can be added, too, to make the most presentable web. For optimization application, a description of between 4,000 and 7,000 words is considered optimal.
  • Official sites pages and must be included to a greater response from users.
  • Access to download the application should be easy.
  • There should be no mistake in choosing the category of your application. Category defines the functions and uses so inevitably must be relevant.
  • The numbers of downloads and scores have search results in search engines.
  • The ratings depend on the quality of the application, the number of installations and uninstalls your app count for search results. For best results, your application should be free of errors and be easy to handle.
  • Test and evaluate the performance and speed of your application because all users prefer fast applications.
  • The file size of your application should not be too high. Minimizes the file size because whatever the device used is always preferable bit file size.
  • URL provides online support to make your app more accessible.
  • Encourages people to talk about your application, criticize and rate it because it’s the first thing you consider when optimizing search engines.
  • You should submit your application in iTunes and Google Play at least two weeks before the release date.
  • The rules of search engines are indexing applications, display and classified pages of applications.
  • Backlinks in SEO are very important because they are used to increase the popularity of your application and is said to be one of the requirements of search engines.
  • Your application should have an appropriate official website for search engine rankings. Newer applications should be represented in the margins or somewhere on the home page where users can find your application. The increase popularity of your app with its own website.
  • The brand name should appear on each page application download, and the download link must contain the name of your brand. So brand force charged with increasing the popularity of the app.
  • QR codes are very popular today. All download page should contain a QR code so that users can access the application from any device.

We’ve shown you some of the best and most effective SEO strategies and mobile applications that will make your applications more competent in qualifying opportunities. These strategies will help you get what you deserve: user traffic, page content, social networking links and popularity, that is, some of the benefits of search engine optimization. With this strategy, you will get all these benefits and you will increase the popularity of both your application and your brand.

Organic & Natural Search Engine Optimization

Is your strategy for search engine optimization messy or not present at all?
Do you need results and more targeted traffic? We can help you!

There are two types of SEO companies:

  1. Those who optimize your website so that
    you are easy to find for search engines.
  2. Those who do the same as No. 1, and work
    the site until it is actually located
    on the first page of search engines.

Thousands of people use the internet every day to find products and services like yours. Surveys show that over 85% of Internet users find new websites through search engines. Unless your website is clearly displayed on the first page of search engines like Google , Yahoo and MSN Bing , you can be sure that these potential customers will not end up in your portfolio.

Fortunately, it’s not about luck to lie on the first page of search engines. It’s actually something you can do to get top ranking for your website. This is called to engage in search engine optimization , and it is partly this we work with. We get your website to appear in search engines.

Anyone who is serious when it comes to a meaningful online presence need search engine optimization. A long-term and sustainable search engine optimization strategy is as critical to reaching your goals online.

Think of your website and all external happening around like a living organism that grows. The more relevant what is going on in and around the site are (to some extent), the higher ranked site for your chosen keywords in search engines. This is what is organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Organic search engine optimization is our preferred strategy. This is because it is exciting to work with, and because it is the most cost-effective strategy for you as a customer.

That approach your search engine marketing (SEM) organic or natural is a process. The process is to optimize internal and external factors of search engines’ algorithm standpoint. And the goal is that your website will be visible on the first page of the search engines within 3-6 months (this is normal), instead of having to pay for the listings via pay per click (PPC), like Google Adwords.

70% of internet users click on organic and natural results.
30% clicks on PPC advertising.

In order to influence rankings organically, we use SEO tactics . This is the use of many different online marketing methods that ultimately will affect your placements in search engines. Sample some effective marketing methods can be:

  • sending out press releases
  • Article marketing
  • blog marketing
  • video marketing
  • web 2.0 marketing and use of social media

Benefits of SEO :

1. Reduce the cost of advertising
2. Increases Site Traffic
3. Increases ROI (Return on Investment) for your site

Search engine optimization is a lot of work. There are many things you have to familiarize themselves with and there are many techniques you need to master in order to influence the performance of a website in search engines. This is where we come into play. We mastered many SEO tactics, and we use them as a common strategy to promote your website organically (and ” white hat “). We use no illegal or immoral methods in our work. Let us take care of your internet marketing and search engine optimization , so you can think about what you do best – running your own company.

International Search Engine Optimization

arch Engine Optimization or SEO is the foundation to be making your website visible online. 88% of Internet users do not go further than the first three results pages of which 62% of clicks occur on the first page. So to secure high ranking is vital to having success online in search engines.

The search engines will for most be the most effective marketing tool, since they reach potential customers who pre-qualifies through search and who are interested in your products and services.

The aim of binbuzz SEO service is to make websites more effective. Service to help customers achieve this goal is divided into two areas:

Language-dependent and language independent. Language independent aspects are generally technical such as:

  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Template structure
  • URL structure
  • Engine Compatibility

Language Related tasks are always performed by consultants with native speakers and inkulderer:

  • Keyword Analysis and selection of keywords
  • Language Based expansion of the number of keywords (accents, case, spacing, common misspellings)
  • Link Analysis – including validation of anchor text
  • Land and språkspesifik link construction
  • Quality check of content
  • Analysis of body text and any. Proposal for remediation
  • Preparation, the of page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords
  • footer links
  • Selecting the domain name.

Analysis tools (if it is not there already) will be installed on your website so that you can access an overview of site traffic.

Our aim of the service is to provide you with the following:

  • Improve your generating business through your website with specific focus on conversion.
  • Generate more visibility and interest in your organization through an increase relevant traffic to your website.
  • Improve your website’s position in search engines for relevant keywords and search phrases used by your potential customers.
  • Give you an insight into what really helps you develop your online strategy.

International SEO

When working with multilingual SEO projects, it is essential that you treat each language as a separate entity. That WE DO NOT translator keyword selection from one language to another.

These are the main components of an optimization project:

Search Engine Compatibility Assessment (SECA)

Our team of SEO technical experts evaluate your site for different aspects related to various technical requirements of search engines. The evaluation ends up in a series of reports which conclude an action plan with a list of possible changes or updates to your website. This plan is used by binbuzz optimization team and your web developers to improve the web site’s compatibility for search engines. This report format is constantly updated based on the changes that occur in relation to search engines’ algorithms.

Keyword / keyword analysis

We are exploring a variety of databases for Web search to establish which words and phrases and search patterns that are related to your products and services so that we can attack your target customers effectively. Keyword analysis is based initially the markets and potential keywords as you point out.

Source code optimization

Based on an overview of your main keyword our team will evaluate existing source code for your website to various search engine requirements for availability.

link Building

binbuzz have different ways to build links to your website. Different scenarios require different solutions. Here are a few different methods we use:

  • Link sourcing – you can nominate a list of sites as candidates for one-way links. The sides will have content that is relevant to your own site and will therefore be valuable links if the editor to the website accept the request.
  • Paid listings – It is also possible to pay directories (directories) for links to your site. These are advantageous because they generally give you the opportunity for deeper linking which allows you to link to any page within your website, not just the homepage. Not to be confused with so-called “paid links”.
  • Online PR – like article distribution and blog reviews and social media.
  • Directory submissions – sites can be registered against various Director or online directories.